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      Throughout the series, Mr. Bean always has a Mini with him. There are sixth different minis used by him.



      'First mini'

      Mr. Bean's first Mini was an orange  1969 BMC Mini MK II (registration RNT 996H) only seen in Mr. Bean and was crashed at the end of the episode.

      Second Mini (registration SLW 287R)1'


      The second Mini, a 1976 British Leyland Mini 1000 was Austin Citron Green in colour with a matte black bonnet  and has the registration number SLW 287R.
      This Mini was used from "The Return of Mr. Bean" until "Back to School, Mr. Bean".
      In that episode, Bean changing parking spaces with an identical mini (registration ACW 497V) unfortunately the identical mini was set to be used for a demonstration of an army tank, and his car was crushed in it's place with the padlock on the side being the only salvageable part.
      In the compilation episode "The Best Bits of Mr. Bean"  Mr. Bean and Teddy go into the attic in search of an umbrella on a rainy day. He finds one for Teddy, but when he finds his, it's broken and so he spends the episode looking for another one. During his search, Bean finds various items that bring back memories of his old adventures including the wreckage of his destroyed Mini

      Third Mini (registration SLW 287R)2

      Although the Mini has been crushed it reappears in the next episode "Tee off, Mr. Bean"
      This Mini was also Austin Citron Green with a matte black bonnet also with the registration number SLW 287R
      It is possible that this Mini  was the one(registration ACW 497V) that was supposed to have been crushed in "Back to School, Mr Bean" and that Bean took it in as his own after his was destroyed by the tank.

      Fourth Mini (registration C607 EUW)
      For the feature film Bean (1997), a sequence seen Mr. Bean driving from his apartment to work involving the Mini (registration C607 EUW) including driving through Harrod's Department Store was shot, but this was not included in the final cut. It can be found on the DVD.
      Fifth Mini (registration YGL 572T)
      The Mini also appeared in the film Mr. Bean's Holiday, with the registration YGL 572T.
      Also seen in the movie is a left hand drive version of his Mini, owned by the character Sabine.
      Sixth Mini (registration STE 952R)
      In 2015, Mr. Bean returned in a sketch for Comic Relief to celebrate his 25th anniversary. In the sketch Mr. Bean drives the Mini, with registration STE 952R (same as in the animated series) to attend a funeral.

      Promotional Mini (registration DRW22IT)
      To promote the new animated series in 2002, a Mini with registration DRW22IT was used for promotions and events.


      Mr. Bean's mini in animated series.


      §  He uses a padlock to lock his car door for all of his Mini's.

      • Mr. Bean takes the steering wheel from his car when he leaves it, as seen in "The Trouble with Mr. Bean" and "Mr. Bean in Room 426". It is possible this is for anti-theft reasons, as the car thief (in "The Trouble with Mr. Bean") easily broke the padlock on his car and hot-wired it, but was unable to take it without the steering wheel.

        In 2009 Mr Bean made a live public appearance at the Goodwood Revival driving a Mini sitting on top of the roof in an armchair, controlling the steering and pedals with a mop and string. A homage to the episode Do-It-Yourself Mr. Bean

        In 2015 to celebrate his 25th anniversary Bean drives around through the parks and landmarks of London in a Mini on top of the roof in an armchair.
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