. Mr. Bean his room is untidy and like too old . He reads a comic book which he goes to window and looks a outside. The Postman press a ring for mail and Mr. Bean hears the ring bell for a box and Mr. Bean picks a box and opens the box that box is the parts of robot. Mr. Bean creates now a Robot to finish . Mr. Bean clicks a remote control the Robot cleans Mr. Bean's room and Mr. Bean is happy because the Robot cleans the room The Robot cleans too a window and Mr. Bean clicks a super clean and The Robot brokes Mr. Bean's comic book and The Robot is out of control because Mr. Bean clicks super clean . The Robot vaccums spider webs,flowers , and remote control and Robot got error on it parts and Mrs. Wicket scared and close the door and the vase got broke . The Robot brokes a door and Scrapper scared . Mr. Bean protects Scrapper because Scrapper almost vaccumed by The Robot . The Robot cleans a light stand,mailbox and removes Grandfather's eyeglasses . Grandfather was bump in mailbox for eyeglasses and Mr. Bean picks and gives on Grandfather and bumps again in mailbox . The Robot goes to park and vaccums newspaper,tree leaves,Man's wig and Mr.Bean keeps Man's head The Robot kicks trash can and brokes magazine that covers Scrapper in Mug and Mr.Bean gives broken magazine in woman. The Reporter in TV questions Mrs.Wicket and Mr.Bean stops and looks TV and shocks . The Reporter questions too a Grandfather and the bald Man . The Robot wets a car windows and wets a Man's face and The Robot faces the Blue Three Wheeler car and the Blue car got crashed in mailbox and People calls in Police for destroying Robot. The Robot vaccums Bird seed and The Bird almost vaccumed by The Robot and Police responds and the Police Chopper and The Police officers and chief creates a roadblock . The Chief says to Robot "Stop!" but The Robot wets the Megaphone and brokes . Mr. Bean picks the remote control in Robot's system and The Police officers, The Chief and People worried because Mr. Bean goes to Robot and pulls the wire and picks the remote control and The Robot was broke on system and The People is happy because Mr.Bean destroyed the Robot and Mr.Bean cleans all trashes.