The Chair
(Deleted Scene from Do-It-Yourself Mr. Bean)
Season 1990 - 1995, Episode (N/A)
Air date January 10, 1994 (original airdate)
Written by Robin Driscoll, Rowan Atkinson
Directed by John Birkin
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The Chair is one of the deleted scenes of the Mr. Bean television series. It was supposed to be included in the episode, Do-It-Yourself, Mr. Bean.


See: Do-It-Yourself Mr. Bean

The following scene was originally cut from the episode at the end of Act 2, though it was included in the early United States VHS releases.

Mr. Bean is shopping in a department store, when he sees a chair that he wishes to purchase. Upon approaching the reclining chair, he discovers that a sales assistant is already demonstrating its features to an elderly couple. In an attempt to fool them into thinking it's broken, he unplugs it, which is almost immediately noticed by the assistant.

While the elderly woman enjoyably sitting on a chair, Bean then sneaks up to a control panel on the chair's arm and tampering the wires inside, unknown to the elderly woman. As the elderly woman tries out the reclining feature this time, it folds over, sandwiching her in the middle, she yells to her hearing-impaired husband for help but is unheard despite being only a couple of metres away. In addition, Bean turns up the music playing on the store's intercom, to make it harder for her to be heard. Ultimately, she falls backward. Then, Mr. Bean left the store, as if nothing happened.


Do it Yourself Mr03:13

Do it Yourself Mr. Bean - The Chair Deleted Scene

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