Bruiser jr

Neighbors are a bunch of working - class, overweight, boring, stupid and bad tempered people.

The Father: He is shown to be very aggressive and cruel towards Mr Bean and is most stupid and bad tempered of the whole family. He is ill mannered.

The Wife: She is very lazy and she is always domenating her husband.

The Son: He is always up to mischeaf and causing havoc with his bad behavior. He is always seen with his father and he owns the black dog Fang.

The Daughter: She is always blowing her trumpet out loud and she is terribly bad tempered and greedy just like her father.

The Baby: He never gets any sleep and he never gets fed and is always throwing tantrums by crying that shows irrisponsible parents.

Fang or Tutati: He is the neighbour's diabolical black dog. He is described as the male gender and he is very aggressive and extremily bad tempered. If he gets accidently hurt by anyone he will instantly throw a tantrum and will start chasing that person ready to hurt it. This has happened to Mr Bean.