My Funny Man is a song featured in Mr Bean Animated Series episode: Bean In Love sung by Roxy.


Funny Man (Where Have You Been) - Mr02:31

Funny Man (Where Have You Been) - Mr. Bean The Animated Series

This song is from the Animated Series of Mr. Bean titled My Funny Man by Howard Goodall and it scene at the episode in Bean in Love.

My funny man, stay by my side Where have you been? My funny man

Why did you hide?

Where have you been?

I dreamt our love, really came true and it was sweet

My world was grey

Each night I pray, that I could meet someone just like you

My funny man, lift up your eyes

Where have you been?

My funny man, no more of your lies

Where have you been?

I'm asking why, I'm asking where

Who took you for so long

Now that your here, don't dissapear

Oh where? Oh where?

Where have you been?

Now my heart has grown torn and raised

And I offer up my heart and grace

I never did to think I was right

To find myself reflected in your eyes

Oh tell me where have you been?

My funny man, it's been sooo long

Where have you been?

My funny man, our love is stronger than its ever been

Than it's eeeever beeeeeen!!

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