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Mr. Bean
Season 1990 - 1995, Episode One
Air date January 1, 1990
Written by Ben Elton, Richard Curtis, Rowan Atkinson
Directed by John Howard Davies
Episode guide
The Return of Mr. Bean

Mr. Bean is the first episode in the live-action TV series. It first aired on January 1, 1990.



Mr. Bean during the exam.

Act One: The Exam

Mr. Bean is late for his mathematics exam and speeds past a Reliant Regal, nearly tipping it over. Once he reaches the college, he sits down looking awkward. A student sitting next to him asks if he did his revision and Mr. Bean answers that he concentrated on trigonometry. The student said he did calculus then Mr. Bean said that he believed they concentrated in calculus last year. So the other student gets worried and Mr Bean chuckles. He then looks around scoffing while the invigilator says that the exam will commence in two minutes. Mr Bean then irritates the fellow candidate by getting out many spare pens when he takes out one along with a number of toys, including a Pink Panther doll. The exam starts and Mr. Bean takes a calculus paper out of the envelope and freaks out (as he hadn't studied calculus). He spends most of the rest of the exam trying to copy off the other man until he just gives up and starts crying for his mummy. Then the invigilator says for the people who did the calculus papers to put the answers in one box and those who did the trigonometry papers to put them in the other box. That's when he realises there was another paper in the envelope (that for which he studied) so he keeps trying to fill it in a rush but things keep happening, while the invigilator repeatedly tells him to stop writing and the pen ends up flying out of his hand. Then his alarm clock goes off and, frustrated, he tries to stop it.


Mr. Bean during his suit switch.

Act Two: The Beach

Mr. Bean goes to the beach and tries to change from his street trousers and underpants into his swimming trunks without ever becoming naked so a nearby man won't see him. After he succeeds, it turns out the man was actually blind.

Act Three: Church

Mr. Bean in Church

Mr. Bean during the church ceremony.

After a parking altercation, once again involving the Reliant, Mr. Bean attends a church service. Unfortunately he doesn't know the words to the hymns, sneezes loudly and falls asleep out of boredom, much to the annoyance of Mr Sprout who is sitting next to him. Then he tries to put a sweetie in his mouth without being seen and puts it into a pocket which he has wiped his nose on.

Act Four: Driving Home

On the way back home, Mr. Bean takes a wrong turn and the sound of the Mini crashing is heard but he and one of the tires survived (a tire is seen bouncing into view), all the while the Reliant sits there, then drives off, not helping him, as a way to get back at him.


  • Unlike all subsequent episodes, this episode's opening credits are displayed as subtitles over the beginning of the first act. Similarly, this is the only episode not to feature the "Ecce Homo" theme tune.
  • Mr. Bean makes his second longest conversation in the entire series, the first longest is in Mr. Bean: Ultimate Disaster Movie where he gives his speech about the Whistler's Mother.
  • Mr Bean would have caused several accidents for pushing the Reliant Robin off it's parking space into the road, due to cars travelling along and then crashing into the Reliant Robin and each other. 
  • Only appearance of Mr. Bean's orange BMC Mini MK II, which was crashed at the end of the episode.
  • This episode contains more Reliant gags than any other.
  • The theme from this episode became the Reliant's leitmotif in "Tee Off, Mr. Bean".
  • Running Gag: Mr. Bean knocks down a sign while parking.


Mr. Bean Episode 1 Mr25:10

Mr. Bean Episode 1 Mr. Bean



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