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This is an episode guide for the television series Mr. Bean, starring Rowan Atkinson, which ran between 1 January 1990 and 15 November 1995. Episodes are usually divided into three to five acts, which were filmed every two weeks.

Mr. Bean

# Airdate Guests
1 1 January 1990 Richard Briers

Paul Bown Rudolph Walker Roger Sloman

Act 1: Bean is late for his mathematics exam and speeds past a Reliant three wheeler, nearly tipping it over. Once he reaches the college, he irritates a fellow candidate (Paul Bown) by getting out many spare pens and a number of mascot, including a Pink Panther doll whose tail is positioned to appear as a penis - a rare instance of overt sexual reference not evident in most of the rest of the series. He has studied trigonometry, but he finds a calculus paper in the envelope. He spends the duration of his two hours trying to cheat off the other candidate, and doesn't realise until the last minute that there were two papers in the envelope: one calculus, the other trigonometry, with the student given a choice as to which to do.

Act 2: Bean goes to the beach and tries to change from his street trousers and underpants into his swimming trunks without ever becoming naked so a nearby man (Roger Sloman) won't see him. After he succeeds, it turns out the man was actually blind.
Act 3: After a parking altercation, once again involving the Reliant, Bean attends a church service. Unfortunately he doesn't know the words to the hymns, sneezes loudly and falls asleep out of boredom, much to the annoyance of Mr. Sprout (Richard Briers) who is sitting next to him. To stay awake, he tries to put a mint in his mouth without being seen, and puts it into a pocket on the lining of which he has wiped his nose. On the way back home, he takes a wrong turn and crashes his Mini.
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Mr Bean Mr. Bean (live action series) The Return of Mr. Bean

The Return of Mr. Bean

# Airdate Guests
2 5 November 1990 John Junkin

Roger Lloyd-Pack Matilda Ziegler

Act 1: Bean sees a busker playing a saxophone and wants to drop some change in his saxophone case. When he finds he has no change, he places his handkerchief on the ground and dances in a rather silly way to the saxophone music; a woman stops by and leaves him a coin, which he then transfers to the saxophonist's case.

Act 2: Bean tries out his new American Express charge card at Allders department store. After appearing to suffocate whilst going through the perfume department, he does his shopping by first testing everything he wants to buy — he opens and uses a toothbrush, tries on a bath towel, peels a potato with a peeler he wants to buy, and pulls a large fish out of his pocket to see if it fits on a frying pan. He also chooses the telephone from the receptionist's desk as the one he wants and takes it with him, plug and all, because it was the only phone that gave a dialing tone when picked up; he assumed the other phones (disconnected display models) were broken. At the register, he accidentally swaps cards with another man (Paul McDowell) who has the same kind of card as he; Bean pick-pockets the man and gets his card back (instead of speaking with the man, of course), but his hand gets stuck, and the man unwittingly pulls him all the way into a toilet stall. In the toilet stall, he frees his hand and shocks the man by offering him a roll of toilet paper.
Act 3: Bean goes to a restaurant on his birthday and orders a steak tartare (after gifting a birthday card to himself), which he expected to be a real steak. Disgusted by the tartare's taste and appearance, he cuts it up and hides the pieces in different places (ashtray, tiny vase, sugar basin, a hollowed-out roll, under a plate, violinist's trousers, handbag). Conveniently, a waiter walks by and spills his tray all over Bean's table, which provides him with an opportunity to cover up his actions by showing the waiter and the maitre d' that the tartare has ended up inside the vase, inside his bread, under his plate, in the violinist's trousers, and in a woman's handbag. The maitre d' apologizes and promptly moves Bean, who pretends to complain about the incident by mumbling, to another table, where the waiter brings out another dish, which, unfortunately for Bean, is another steak tartare, seemingly bigger than the first, and he seemingly must finish it, as the maitre d', the waiter and the violinist are all watching him.
Act 4: Bean is waiting to meet Queen Elizabeth II at a royal premiere at the Odeon Leicester Square cinema, but is quite unprepared (his nails and teeth are dirty, his breath smells, and his shoes are unpolished). He manages to rectify most of these problems to his satisfaction (using spit to polish his shoes, folding back the corners of a postcard to serve as a pocket handkerchief, and using a loose thread from an usherette's uniform to floss his teeth), but when he uses his trouser zip to clean his fingernail, the zip gets stuck, and he only manages to force it back up just before the Queen greets him. Preparing for a bow, Bean accidentally headbutts the Queen, who is knocked to the floor. During the confusion, Bean makes a run for it.
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Mr. Bean Mr. Bean The Curse of Mr. Bean

The Curse of Mr. Bean

# Airdate Guests
3 1 January 1991 Angus Deayton

Matilda Ziegler

Act 1: Bean goes to a public swimming pool, where he uses a manual arm to get his ticket at the carpark. He tries out the super-high diving board, and chickens out until two impatient boys push him off by stomping on his hand as he attempts to climb down. Bean loses his swimming trunks, and is unable to retrieve them as a small kid fishes them out of the pool with a snorkel. Bean, naked, tries to get back to the changing room unseen and almost succeeds, but the lifeguard appears near the change room. He hides behind a corner, but a group of women swimmers appear behind him. As Bean turns round the women scream and go back to the changing room immediately as Bean runs off.

Act 2: Bean finds he can't pay the ridiculously high parking price of £16.00 at the swimming pool car park, and tries to leave through the entrance by wheeling a refuse container in front of the entrance to trick the machine into issuing a ticket and opening the barrier. He succeeds and drives his car past the barrier and into the entrance lane. Just as he was moving the container back, a black Mercedes arrives and he is forced to reverse back into the car park. He eventually escapes by waiting for another car to enter the car park and lift the barrier, and then driving full speed at the entrance lane, driving out of it and knocking the other car out of the way. The victim turns out to be the Reliant and, once again, it topples over.
Act 3: Bean goes to the park to have a lunch break, and makes himself a sandwich in a really ridiculous way, using ingredients and tools he has stashed with him in his coat. He is watched by a man next to him (Angus Deayton, who also played the swimming pool lifeguard in Act 1). He cuts the bread with scissors, spreads the butter with his credit card (his "flexible friend"), washes the lettuce in a drinking water fountain and uses his sock to dry it, pretends to kill two dead fish, and crushes the peppercorns with his shoe. He even makes tea in a hot water bottle, using his mouth to transfer milk from a baby bottle to the hot water bottle. Eventually, however, the pepper makes him sneeze and he drops the sandwich, and causes his tea to shoot out of the bottle. The man next to him offers Bean half of his own pre-packed sandwich, which Bean gratefully accepts.
Act 4: In this brief act, when Bean approaches a left turn at an intersection, he has to stop at a red light. He then sees a cyclist, also doing a left turn through the intersection, dismounting from his bike and pushing it over the control line of the still-red traffic lights. Bean gets out of his car and pushes it across the intersection too, just like the cyclist did. (This scene was filmed in Feltham, about a mile down the road from where Act 2 was filmed.)
Act 5: Bean goes to see a horror film with his girlfriend. He buys himself a giant popcorn tub, and her a small one, even stealing from hers but slapping her hand when she tries to do the same. Before the film, he teases her and scares her, spills popcorn and interrupts the other people there. He then gets scared witless himself by the actual feature and tries to avoid watching it by any means necessary (including pulling his sweater over his head—causing a huge shriek from his girlfriend when his head has apparently disappeared—and using popcorn as earplugs). Before the end of the film, Bean empties out his popcorn from his popcorn bucket and puts it on his head, he then lifts up the bucket from his head, then puts it on his head again, and his girlfriend and other people scream at the ending of the film. After the film, as the two of them leave, his girlfriend puts her coat over her body and Bean shakes one of her coat's sleeves, under the impression that her hands have been amputated, making them both jump and scream in horror.
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The Return of Mr. Bean Mr. Bean Mr. Bean Goes To Town

Mr. Bean Goes to Town

# Airdate Guests
4 15 October 1991 Nick Hancock

Dursley McLinden Matilda Ziegler

Act 1: Bean buys a portable television for his flat, and has difficulty in trying to position the antenna to get good reception. When he discovers that he can only get reception if he sits in a part of the room where he cannot see the screen, he is distraught. Ingeniously, he strips down and assembles his clothes — underwear and all — on the chair, and the television starts working - just before his pre-paid electricity meter runs out.

Act 2: Bean tries out his new Polaroid camera in the park, but it is stolen by a thief (Nick Hancock) when he asks him to take his photo. Although Bean chases down and stops the thief by putting a rubbish bin over his head and poking him with a pencil, he gets away again as Bean tries to alert a passing police officer. Later, Bean is at the police station being asked to identify the thief in a police line up. However, he only successfully identifies the thief after he's subjected the entire line to a pencil-poking test while the suspects are all wearing bins over their heads.
Act 3: Bean gets an itch in his foot while in the town, so he takes off his shoe and sock to scratch it. But he puts his shoe on a roof of a parked Mazda. The car drives away, leaving Bean to hop through the town to find it (which he eventually does).
Act 4: Bean goes to the I.D. picture machine, where he takes pictures of himself. It takes only a few seconds, and his pictures are released after he slaps the machine, only to find out that he took pictures of his back to check his haircut.
Act 5: Bean goes out with his girlfriend at night to a magic show and disco. He deliberately messes up the magic act in an attempt to retrieve his watch the magician "stole" as part of a trick, and embarrasses his girlfriend so much that she dumps him for another man. After attempting to interfere with his attempts to dance with her, Bean leaves the disco, but not before shutting off the power first. On his way home Bean passes a window display of television sets, which individually lose their picture just as he passes them. After the credits, Bean's arm sticks out at one of the television sets and the television sets lose their picture again.
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The Curse of Mr. Bean Mr. Bean The Trouble with Mr. Bean

The Trouble with Mr. Bean

# Airdate Guests
5 1 January 1992 Richard Wilson

Caroline Quentin Sam Mead Christine Ellerbeck Hugo Mendez Michael Godley Nathan Lewis

Act 1: Bean oversleeps and is late for his dental appointment. To save time, he decides to get dressed and brush his teeth while driving to the dentist, using a brick to hold down the accelerator while he changes his trousers and puts on his shoes and socks and shooting screenwash into his mouth to rinse it after brushing his teeth. He also accidentally sounds his car horn while putting on his socks.

Act 2: Bean arrives at the dentist's office, where he cannot find anything in the waiting room to read except for a Batman comic book with The Road Warriors on the back cover, which a young boy is already reading (he brought the comic from home). When the boy refuses to let him share the comic, he stealthily pours water from a vase into the boy's lap to make his mother believe he wet himself, causing her to take him home. After getting the comic, he is immediately called in to see the dentist (Richard Wilson). While in the chair, when the dentist turns on the radio playing The Blue Danube, he meddles with the controls on the dentist's chair and the dentist's equipment while his back is turned, and as a result accidentally numbs the dentist's leg with an injection of Novocain, causing him to pass out. Bean, feeling inconvenienced by this, decides to treat himself - however he can't tell which tooth needs attention, so he performs the procedure on all of his own teeth. Just as the dentist recovers, Bean leaves, content with his work.
Act 3: While in a park Bean spots a young boy who is having difficulty with his remote control boat. Bean generously tries to help him by opening the controller and tweaking some circuitry. Amazingly the controller now works, but unknowingly to both Bean and the boy it is now also controlling an electric wheelchair behind him. After hogging the boat for some time, and causing mayhem behind him, Bean finally gives the controller back to the boy, but only when (unknown to both of them) the wheelchair is already behind the boy, moving towards him. As Bean moves away, a loud splash is heard, implying that the boy was knocked into the water by the wheelchair.
Act 4: Still in the park, Bean tries to have a picnic, but a nearby wasp falls desperately in love with Bean's cupcake. After trying to catch the wasp by swatting at it, jousting with it, chasing it around, and trapping it in a bottle of juice, he swats it between the pages of his book, only to pique the interest of an entire swarm of wasps, which attack him. Bean ultimately races away from his picnic site and throws the bun at a car thief (whose thieving attempts Bean managed to foil by removing his steering wheel and bringing it with him on his picnic). The wheelchair then stops by the car.
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Mr. Bean Goes to Town Mr. Bean Mr. Bean Rides Again

Mr. Bean Rides Again

# Airdate Guests
6 17 February 1992 Roger Sloman

Su Douglas John Rolfe Nick Hancock Stephen Frost

Act 1: Bean wants to go to the post office, but the battery in his car is dead, so he decides to catch a bus instead. He reaches the bus stop where a man is already waiting for the bus. Unfortunately the man suddenly suffers from a heart attack. Bean tries to revive him by stomping on him, stuffing pills down his throat, trying mouth-to-mouth resuscitation (with the man's magazine) and using electric shock treatment using jump leads connected to a nearby lamppost. This initially works, but he forgets to remove the jump leads from his hands when the man offers a handshake, giving the man another electric shock, which makes him pass out again. An ambulance comes, but while the paramedics treat the man, Bean uses the battery in the ambulance to jumpstart his Mini. Bean drives off, leaving the ambulance disabled due to a dead battery.

Act 2: Bean heads to a postbox and on his way he accidentally swallows his stamp. He offers to post a letter for a lady, pretends he's posted it but hangs on to it until she's gone so that he can get another stamp for his own letter. He then steals the stamp by using steam from his car radiator, and sticks it to his own letter using a sweet stuck (since the first episode) to the inside of his pocket, and strikes it to his own letter with a fist (when using just one finger to stick it down doesn't work). The postman arrives to empty the box just as the lady returns to find her letter on the ground and complains to the postman that there was a stamp on her letter but she doesn't know what happened to it. Bean hides inside the postbox to avoid getting told off by the postman for the theft of the stamp and gets locked inside for an unknown amount of time (the original commercial break occurred here), though as the postbox had a "1" showing, it ought to have been the next day. When he is finally released (by another postman) he loses his keys down a drain and has to get a bus home. He waits in the bus stop with another man also waiting for the bus. The man gets on the bus, but Mr. Bean isn't so lucky - the driver tells him not to come on the bus as all seats are full, forcing Bean to wait for the next bus.
Act 3: Bean tries to pack for a holiday, but his small case does not have space for his clothes as well as his tins of baked beans. He ridiculously reduces the size of his things (often using scissors) to fit them in a small briefcase, by cutting up a pair of trousers (which was unnecessary since he already had shorts), breaking up his toothbrush, pouring some toothpaste down the sink, taking just one sandal, and using a flannel for a towel but hasn't the heart to cut up his teddy bear. After finally managing to fit his things in the tiny briefcase, he reaches under the bed and discovers that he owned another briefcase, almost double the size of the small one. But since his small briefcase is already packed, he just puts it into the larger suitcase along with the one thing he couldn't pack before — a book.
Act 4: Bean boards a train and then reads a book across from another man (Stephen Frost) in the same compartment who is also reading. The man begins laughing loudly and continuously at a passage in his book. Bean struggles to plug his ears to avoid the laughter, eliciting curious stares when the man looks up then he finds some Bubblegum, which works. Finally the conductor (Nick Hancock) comes in and asks for tickets. Bean is startled by his presence, accidentally ejecting his book, with the ticket tucked inside, out the train window.
Act 5: Bean then boards an aircraft, but is forced to look after a sick boy next to him. He tries to cheer the boy up by various means, by sticking magazine bits on his face to amuse him, playing with a self-inflating life jacket (it later flies out of Bean's seat) and by blowing air into a paper bag and trying to pop it. He discovers that the bag is too small, and starts rummaging for another bag. While his back is turned, the boy vomits into a Mid-flight Sick Bag when the aircraft experiences a bit of turbulence, and offers the bag to Bean, who takes it unaware and smashes the vomit-filled bag. The act ends with the popping noise of the bag, and the screen cuts to black, not showing the outcome.
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The Trouble with Mr Bean Mr. Bean Merry Christmas, Mr. Bean

Merry Christmas Mr. Bean

# Airdate Guests
7 29 December 1992 Owen Brenman

Matilda Ziegler Jonathan Stratt

Act 1: It's Christmas Eve and Bean decides to visit Harrods, causing his usual brand of chaos by behaving rather inappropriately while inside such a prestigious department store. After parking directly at the front of the store and harassing a man dressed as Father Christmas by pulling his fake beard, Bean proceeds to shop for Christmas decorations, subjecting them to his usual scrutiny—if it breaks, don't buy it. He also tests some Christmas lights using the same socket used for the exterior Christmas lights, plunging the exterior of the store into darkness in the process. He then starts playing with the figurines in an in-store display, performing a rather inaccurate Nativity scene involving T. rex, 2 army tanks, a Dalek, a helicopter, and also the bedroom of a dollhouse. The store manager stops him by putting a figurine of a policeman onto the set.

Act 2: Bean meets his girlfriend Irma Gobb in the town, where she tries to give him the message that she wants an engagement ring as a present. He wins a free turkey by cheating, then upon seeing another man dressed as Father Christmas decides to pull the beard again... (only for the beard to be real), causing Bean to make a quick exit while the man recovers. He then catches a pickpocket and gives the thief's items to a Salvation Army brass band conductor. Bean then ends up conducting the band in a ridiculous way while the conductor tries on the items that the pickpocket stole. Bean leaves, but not before he takes the town's very large Christmas tree home with him.
Act 3: Bean prepares for Christmas Eve by setting up the Christmas tree that he stole. Then putting out the stockings for Father Christmas; one for himself, one for Teddy and a tiny one for a mouse. He makes a “super cracker”, a Christmas cracker with many fuses from other crackers inside. Bean gives himself several Christmas cards—all of the same design. He swiftly despairs of war films on every channel, and then shuts the door rather rudely on young carol singers without giving them anything, even though he brings a box of chocolates to the door.
Act 4: This act starts on Christmas morning when Bean discovers what Father Christmas gave him. He got a new pair of socks, Teddy got a tin of two drawing pins to replace his eyes, and the mouse got a piece of cheese—which Bean ironically places on a mousetrap. He then tries to prepare the turkey, but loses his watch while stuffing it, and pokes his head inside, getting it stuck on his head just as his girlfriend arrives. He picks up a crosscut saw to try to get it off, but accidentally freaks her out. She then helps Bean get the turkey off. Later, they have dinner (sandwiches), and Bean gives his girlfriend her present: not the engagement ring she wanted, but a portrait used as part of the shop's window dressing for the ring, which he believed is what she was pointing to. She begins to cry, but Mr. Bean mutters "I forgot the main bit!" He takes out a ring box and hands it to her. As she opens the box eagerly, she discovers that it was not an engagement ring but in fact a hook, meant for hanging the picture. She leaves the flat, very miserable and very upset. At the end of the episode, an outside view of Mr Bean's window is given, as he pulls the “super cracker” he made earlier; it produces a bright flash seen through the curtains.
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Mr. Bean Rides Again Mr. Bean Mr. Bean in Room 426

Mr. Bean in Room 426

# Airdate Guests
8 17 February 1993

(replaced "Mind the Baby Mr. Bean" - see below)

Danny La Rue

Roger Brierley Matthew Ashforde Michael Fenton Stevens

Act 1: Bean stays in a posh hotel where he gets into many escapades. He jumps on the bed, decapitates Teddy when putting him in a drawer, hands the bellhop a cough drop instead of a tip, drills holes in the walls to hang his pictures, turns his television on at full volume, and sneaks into his neighbour's bathroom to have a bath by drilling a hole through the wall behind his wardrobe.

Act 2: On the way to supper, after finding out the lift is out of order, Bean is forced to take an unconventional route downstairs to avoid an elderly lady by hanging on the outside of the banister, only to be caught between her and her frail husband.

Act 3: At suppertime, after pushing through the queue, Bean copies his neighbour by taking the same food as he (only twice as much) and mimicking his movements. But he also saves his oysters for last, which his neighbour discovers to be rotten after Bean has devoured them.

Act 4: That night, he suffers from cholera and has a nightmare about the rotten oysters. Waking up in a sweat, Bean removes his pyjamas, but while attempting to sleep, his other neighbour plays loud music. Bean walks out of his room stark naked to knock on the neighbour's door, but his own door closes, and Bean finds himself locked out of his room, naked. He manages to get to the ground floor by covering himself with a fire extinguisher and various signboards marked "Private", "Exit", "Out of Order" and "No Entry". He attempts to get down to the lobby and find the spare key, as the manager is distracted by Danny La Rue's show. To avoid being caught naked, Bean sneaks into LaRue's spare frock, and asks the manager for the spare key. But Danny sees him and rips a clip-on earring off his ear for stealing his frock.

Mind the Baby, Mr. Bean

# Airdate Guests
9 25 April 1993 Nick Scott

Andy Bradford

Act 1: Bean goes to a funfair at Southsea in Portsmouth, but accidentally leaves his Mini's boot unlocked, and the handle pulls a baby's pram with it to the funfair. Once Bean notices the "kidnapped" baby, he sees no choice but to look after it while enjoying himself.

Act 2: After a series of misfortunes involving a dodgem, a large dog and the baby's pram, Mr. Bean decides to go off on his own, leaving the baby in a Postman Pat kiddie ride with nine coins in it while he gets bored on a roller coaster, shoots an arrow at a stall tender and attempts to cheat in a games arcade. (When he does win, a young boy steals his prize). Meanwhile, a huge queue builds up by Postman Pat. Eventually he is forced by a disgruntled mother who curses at him to retrieve the baby when he comes to put more coins in the ride.

Act 3: Bean then notices that there is a smell coming from the baby. He realises that its nappy needs changing, and manages to remove it near the entrance to a ride. Unable to find any fresh nappies, he rips open a girl's teddy bear and uses that as a makeshift nappy. Unfortunately the dirty nappy takes a haphazard journey across the amusement park, landing in the faces of several people along the way, eventually ending its journey when it lands on a young man's candy apple (toffee apple). While trying to play with the baby, the large dog (from Act 2) appears again. Bean manages to get rid of it by baiting it with a squeaky toy and locking it in a small building.

Act 4: Later, after winning a goldfish at a game booth, Mr Bean is forced to keep the fish in his mouth after splitting the bag. However, he accidentally swallows it after winning at Bingo then subsequently splutters it across the room into a bowl with another goldfish.

Act 5: After the bingo game, he cannot stop the child from crying and decides to buy a huge bunch of helium-filled balloons to cheer it up. However, the balloons lift the baby and pram into the air. Bean is forced to use his archery skills and manages to burst just the right number of balloons with one shot. This results in the pram making a soft landing beside the baby's mother, who is overjoyed to get her baby back, although confused by the teddy bear nappy that Bean had put on it earlier. Meanwhile, Bean drives off in his Mini—which, unknown to him, is also carrying the large dog, having escaped from the building.

Do-It-Yourself Mr. Bean

# Airdate Guest
10 10 January 1994 Robert AustinRupert Vansittart

Act 1: Bean invites his two best friends Rupert and Hubert for a New Year's party, but bores them so much that when he goes to prepare a snack, Twiglets (which are actually twigs coated with Marmite) and sugared vinegar as a substitute for champagne, they turn his clock in the living room to midnight, singing "Auld Lang Syne" to celebrate the new year, and then leave, saying that they are tired. However, they merely go into the apartment across the hall, where a swinging New Year's party is taking place. Bean is in bed when the real New Year begins. His blood boils with anger when he finds out Rupert and Hubert have deceived him and attended a larger party next door. However, Hubert forgets his hat in Bean's apartment (see act four).

Act 2: Bean arrives at Arding and Hobbs department store to take full advantage of the January sales. Other people have queued overnight to get there first, however Bean manages to jump the queue and annoy everyone in the process by exposing the figure in the sleeping bag at the head of the queue as a fake he placed there the night before. He then enters the store and attempts to purchase a new recliner, but an old woman sits in the chair and a store attendant explains that it is an automatic recliner. Bean, determined to purchase the recliner for himself, unplugs the chair to make it not work for her, but the attendant sees the problem and plugs it back in. While the woman sleeps in the chair, Bean sneaks up behind the chair and opens up the controls, and messes with the wires and closes the controls. The old woman then presses the button again, and this time the recliner begins to crush the woman in between the back of the chair and the leg supports. Bean watches on as the chair sets her free and she falls backwards. This scene is seen on syndicated versions of the episode and cut on children TV channels and ABS-CBN. It was also cut on the DVD set, The Whole Bean, for unknown reasons.

Act 3: Later, Bean has bought several items including the chair, paint cans and an assortment of brushes and mops. After strapping the chair to the roof and squeezing everything else inside the car he realises there's no room left for himself. He then has an idea. Bean successfully constructs a way of remotely driving the car from the chair attached to the roof, and embarks on a daredevil driving expedition, which goes incredibly well until he ends up on a steep decline and his only braking device is to run the car into a parked van filled with pillow feathers.

Act 4: Bean decides to give his flat a makeover. He first realises that moving a table is impractical, as he can no longer put objects on it through the hole in the kitchen wall. Bean's solution - just move the hole. He then decides to paint his room white, resorting to using Teddy's head as a paintbrush when he finds the bristles of the brush are ruined. He quickly tires of using this method as he ends up getting paint on things. Bean's solution - he covers everything in his room (including each individual grape in his fruit bowl) in newspaper and plants a super-firework in a can of white paint, ignites the firework, and runs out of the room. Bean returns to find his newly invented paint bomb worked; however, while he was gone, Hubert returned to Bean's flat for his hat he'd left the night before and got caught in the blast. Bean is shocked to find that there's a trail of white footprints leading out of his flat, and a silhouette of Hubert reaching for his hat is frozen onto a section of wall as the only unpainted area.

Tee Off, Mr. Bean

# Airdate Guests
12 20 September 1995 Grant Masters

David Battley Jacqueline Defferary

Act 1: Bean goes to the launderette to wash his clothes, an inflatable dragon (which is still inflated), some fluffy dice, a lamp shade, a doormat and his Teddy, but Bean sees that the wash no longer costs £2 and costs £3. He gets intimidated by a man who takes his washing machin and frequently makes threatening gestures towards him. Bean realises he's wearing underwear he wanted to wash so he stands behind a partition to change out of them, accidentally getting his trousers mixed up with a lady's skirt. This escalates the taunting from the bully so Bean decides to get revenge on him. He substitutes the bully's soap detergent with black coffee. Unfortunately, Bean is forced to drink some detergent to disguise the fact he switched the cups. This works, and when the bully's martial arts gear emerges severely stained from the wash, he blames the owner of the launderette. Later, after retrieving his mutated washing (including a shrunken Teddy) from the drier, Bean needs to retrieve his trousers from the lady's washing. He resorts to climbing into a drier to find them just as the lady returns and closes it (and starts it) with Bean still inside.

Act 2: Bean plays a game of 'Krazy Golf'. He scores a hole-in-one on the first hole then on the second hole he hits the ball onto open grass. The owner forces him to obey a rule of having to get the ball back to the course by only touching it with his club. He then hits the ball out of the golfing grounds and this takes Bean on a very elaborate journey as the ball ends up on a London Country Leyland National bus, inside a lady's shopping bag, on a boy's ice-cream, up the exhaust pipe of a Proton car, down a sewer, on a rubbish cart and finally onto a village green. Bean hitchhikes a lift back to the golf course with the ball still on the patch of turf it landed on, which Bean cut out of the green. As the sun sets, he finally taps the ball into the hole with a final score of 3,425 shots over par for that hole, though the number he is seen hitting on screen is much fewer than that.

Goodnight Mr. Bean

# Airdate Guests
13 31 October 1995 Elizabeth Bennett

Rupert Bates Suzy Aitchison

Act 1: Bean has to go to hospital after getting his hand stuck in a teapot, but becomes impatient while waiting his turn. His number ticket was 76, and the digital counter showed 22. First, he starts a fight to clear two men from the queue, then steals a lower-numbered ticket (52) from a more seriously injured patient and overturns a digital counter (so that 25 looks like 52), but eventually manages to lose his place anyway. After starting another fight with the same two men from earlier, Bean gets to the front of the queue and pulls out a ticket, but is shocked to find that it's a larger number. Frustratedly, he throws his ticket into the dustbin, only to get his other hand caught in the dustbin. He is compelled to pull out another ticket, using his mouth.

Act 2: Bean enters a museum, photographs the inside of a dustbin, and pries a sundial off its stand so that he can place his camera on it and get a photo of himself with a Queen's Guard. He irritates the Guard by dressing him up with flowers and other things, trims the Guard's moustache, and impales his Teddy on the Guard's bayonet. Just before he can take the photo, the charge is called, and the Guard walks away, Teddy and all, just before the camera snaps the photo. A photo of Bean chasing after the Guard was taken at the end of this act.

Act 3: Bean prepares for bed, then puts Teddy to sleep and turns off the light with a pistol, but has trouble falling asleep. After trying several methods for getting to sleep (scaring noisy cats by disguising himself as a dog, watching a chess game on TV, etc.), he finally falls asleep by counting sheep in a picture, using a calculator. After counting the sheep, he suddenly falls asleep and the credits roll. After the credits, he falls out of bed, and the sound of Bean hitting the ground is heard.

Hair by Mr. Bean of London

# Airdate Guests
14 15 November 1995 Colin WellsFrederick Treves

Act 1: Bean goes to Derrick's barber shop for a haircut. Just as he is about to have the cut, the barber has to take a long telephone call. While he waits, three other customers come in assuming Mr. Bean is the new hairdresser, and he ends up cutting their hair very awfully (giving a mother's child an ape-like haircut (which the child is thrilled with), cutting off a man's pony tail, and replacing an older man's elderly hair with hair cut from long ago). They later return and blame Derrick for their strange haircuts, while Mr. Bean sneaks off hiding his face under a calendar of Prince Charles (with one customer greeting him as such).

Act 2: Bean goes to a fair and cheats at the indoor games. First, he plays the Electro wire by switching it off at the plug. Then he plays "Hit the Headmaster" (in which the late George Webb is the "headmaster") and gets a bit carried away, and starts throwing objects like canned peas and cereal boxes at the "headmaster" (he almost throws a chair, but is stopped thanks to a nearby teacher. Later, Bean enters a dog show and uses his Teddy as his pet; he wins a huge bone but gets a jar of honey for Teddy, throwing the bone back into the tent and creating mayhem among the kids and the dogs.

Act 3: Bean goes to a railway station. Unfortunately, he has lost his ticket, and decides to sneak past the guards. After numerous failed attempts to sneak past the guards, he hides inside a mailbag and crawls towards the gate. While the guards are gone, Bean climbs up the gate, but two train officers walk by and turn the gate over. Bean crawls out of the gate and celebrates, thinking that he made it through, but ends up falling onto the train tracks. While Bean recovers, a train worker appears and puts two boxes and the mailbag (with Bean still inside) into a train destined for Moscow.