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Irma Gobb


The Librarian
Mrs. Wicket


Mr. Bean

First appearance:

The Curse of Mr. Bean


Police Officer (in Mr. Bean's Red Nose Day - unconfirmed)

Portrayed by:

Matilda Ziegler

Mr. Bean's girlfriend Irma Gobb, played by Matilda Ziegler, appeared in a number of episodes. She appears as a librarian in the new animated episode (Valentine's Bean).

Mr. Bean met Irma Gobb at a local library. She is treated relatively inconsiderately by Bean, who appears to regard her more as a friend and companion than a love interest. However, he does become jealous when she dances with another man at a disco in "Mr. Bean Goes to Town", and she certainly expects him to propose to her on Christmas Day in "Merry Christmas, Mr. Bean", with his failure to do so resulting in her leaving him for good. She later appears in the animated series, which is presumed that Irma still loves Mr. Bean despite his being irresponsible. She also has one same trait of Mr. Bean, having a teddy bear (Lottie) even as an adult.

Notable events of Mr. Bean

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Irma in animated series.

Home Movie

Valentine's Bean

All You Can Eat



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