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Harry is Mr. Bean's former kindergarten classmate, who only appeared in "The Visitor". Harry eats too much and too fast, making him overweight. He never stops eating and devours all the food in Mr. Bean's refrigerator. He is voiced by David Jones. Mr. Bean wanted to kick him out. His plan was half a success. Harry stole Teddy, so Mr. Bean had to chase Harry. Mr. Bean tries apologizing, and tricks Harry into thinking that Mr. Bean will pay him a free dinner at Restaurant La Cuisine. Harry ordered everything at the restaurant, and Mr. Bean went into a tunnel inside the Mens' Bathroom. When the waiter got angry that Harry had no money for his bill, Harry was forced to be a dish-washer. It was even over 2 A.M. when Harry finished his big dinner. Mr. Bean took back Teddy from Harry's coat.


  • Harry never appear in Season 4.
  • Harry appear in Seasons 3-5.