Funeral is a 2015 sketch for Comic Relief.


Mr. Bean attends a funeral and does his best to fit in with everyone else. He begins by crying excessively when the people around him start crying. He then sees a man bow towards the coffin, kiss a woman in the front row and shake hands with her husband. Bean, thinking he has to do this as well, bows towards the coffin, kisses the same woman in the front row passionately and then hugs her husband.

Another man approaches the coffin and gently pats it. Bean does the same before knocking on the coffin with a hand he conceals, pretending the deceased is alive before explaining to the congregation that it is a joke.

A child then puts a flower on the coffin and hugs it. Bean, who has not brought a flower with him, puts a bag of lollies on the coffin and hugs it, causing the stand to collapse. He is given help to stand the coffin back up, but unfortunately, when placing the letters back on the coffin, he puts together the word "vole" instead of "love."

Bean sits back down and the priest starts speaking. When the priest mentions that the funeral is for a man named David, Bean realises he is at the wrong funeral and hurries to the chapel next door in his Mini.

When he gets there, he realises he has left his lollies in the chapel he was originally in a crawls back to retrieve them.


After this sketch went to air, many people voiced a disapproval of this episode on Twitter, saying that they thought a funeral was a highly inappropriate setting for a Mr. Bean sketch.


  • This Sketch Has Advisory
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