Do-It-Yourself Mr. Bean is the ninth episode in the live-action TV series. It originally aired over ITV on January 10, 1994.


Act One: Mr. Bean's party

It's New Year's Eve and Mr. Bean is really excited. He does the finishing touches on the decorations and says hello to the man outside who is organising the party next door and shows him he's having a party as well. He goes back in, puts the door knob away and puts on his and Teddy's party hat. He then gets his party ready by putting paper hats on the chair across from him and the one in the middle to his right. At that moment, the doorbell rings and he goes to open the door but there's no doorknob so he has to go get it. He opens the door and welcomes Rupert and Hubert, and sits them in the chairs and puts the paper hats on them. Then he remembers something and goes to the kitchen, takes out a saucer, and is relieved with he's still got the tin of little stick snacks. So he eats one, and realises there's only one left, so he decides to improvise. He opens the window, pulls in a branch from his tree, chops it with the steak knife, dips the bits in marmite, and puts them on the saucer. Then he takes out the wine only to find out he's also almost out of that. So he improvises once again, taking out the vinegar and putting teaspoons of sugar in it and shows off in the kitchen doorway, shaking the bottle. He then serves Rupert and Hubert the branches dipped in marmite and sugary vinegar. He eats and drinks his pretending to like them, and gesticulates them if they want more, which they decline so he pours himself more. Rupert also looks at his questionably (since it has a tiny branch sticking out of it). Mr Bean then looks at his plate and goes to the kitchen to get more, but this time, he gets nuts out of the squirrels' container. While he does that, Rupert and Hubert rush to the clock to advance the time to midnight. When he comes back, they tell him "happy new year!" and mr Bean thinks time has passed quickly because they are enjoying themselves. So he decides to link hands with them (almost forgetting Teddy), and they sing the new years song. Then Rupert and Hubert motion yawning, and mr Bean says it's late and they best be going, so goes to put the doorknob back on, and he bids them farewell and closes the door, all sad.

Right outside the door/in front of the flat across, they come across two women who giggle at their paper party hats, so the men yank them off in a hurry. Then they ponder whether they should leave or go to the party, deciding on walking into the party.

Back in bed, mr Bean yawns and Teddy's head drops, so mr bean puts him on the pillow and he turns off the light and lays down. Right at that moment, the new years countdown starts at the party across, which makes mr Bean get back up, and they start singing that song, so mr Bean turns the light on and looks at the clock, which indicates twenty to two. So he takes a clock out of his chest of drawers, which says 5 seconds past midnight. Then "three cheers for Rupert and Hubert!" is heard, and mr Bean, annoyed, turns the light off again and gets back to sleep.

Act Two: The Sale

For the deleted scene, see The Chair.

It's January first, and Mr Bean gets to Arding & Hobbs, and turns around by using the pavement, nearly running over a man on the phone who had to hide in the phone booth. He then gets out of his car, locks the lock, and runs to the front of the line, where he marvels at the sign showing an armchair for half the price. He then taps his watch indicating the alarm clock about to go off, and it does, frightening the elderly couple sitting next to it. Next, he takes out a beanie, going "ta da!", startling them, because they think there's a head in there, but it's just a cabbage, which he chucks in the bin (that could've fed homeless people!). Then he takes out baloons, which he pops, and he rolls the sleeping bag, making him first in line as the doors open. He runs inside all excited, not knowing which way to go first so he runs downstairs. Back outside, the shop worker put the tins of paint and some other things by his car, the armchair already being in the roof of the car, and his car full of stuff. He then looks at the mop and the armchair on the roof and an idea occurs to him. So he puts the tins of paint in this car, a brick on a string in front of the right front wheel, gets in the car to turn it into gear, a tin of pain on the speed, turns the car on, gets in the armchair on the roof, pulls a bit on the rop in his lap that maneuvers the steering, wheel, takes the broom/mop combination in his hands, turns the speed on, pulls the brick out and off he goes. He's doing great until he arrives at a road works barrier and a sign,
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so he panics, and does his best to keep control of the car down the steep hill, looking behind him as the car and armchair disappear from view, goes over a speed brake, he desperately tries to hit the brake, but the broom part comes off the stick when it gets stuck under the pedals, and he zooms down the hill and right past the back of a police car, making the copper turn around in shock, and the car turns the corner. There is a lorry with two people coming out delivering a matress, and mr Bean's car drives right into it, making all the feathers explode out of the lorry.

Act Three: The Window

Back in his house, he pushes the armchair into place and sighs, takes the doorknob off, and puts it in the fruit bowl. He then coughs out feathers. Then he moves the new armchair in place of the old one. Suddenly, he realises   he needs to fill out the hole by the counter because he drops stuff through them. so he goes to the other wall with the measurements obtained by a pencil in his mouth and one in each hand. He then proceeds to drill on the line, unknowingly cutting the strings from a painting, cutting through the right corner of his kittens painting, through the phone line, making the phone stop ringing, at which point he stops because he thought he heard something, but having cut the phone line, it stopped ringing. He then resumes, decapitating princess Diana and prince Charles, going through between legs and up, of a shiny tanned muscular man. Then he takes the rectangle he cut out, and puts it in the other hole.

He takes out the paintbrush but it's dried solid. So he gets out a hammer and starts softening it. Then he goes into the living room, dips the brush into the paint, making the paint bubble and the bristles disappear. So he takes Teddy, tells him to look the other way, and shoves the brush handle (the metal bit rather), up his arse.  Then he dips his head in paint and tries to paint the wall but only managing to do a few lines, and getting paint splatter on the nearby lampshade. So he grabs the newspaper, which gives him an idea. he carefully wraps everything in newspaper, exactly as it normally is, including the grapes. He only has the lamp left and only a strip of paper, so he uses the hat, which Hubert forgot behind, to cover the clock. He then comes across a big cracker in a dusty box under the footstool, and he has another idea. He puts it in the tin of paint, lights the fuse, and goes to run out the door, only to realise there's no doorknob. So he hurriedly unwraps the round one, which turns out to be an apple, but the next one's the doorknob, right as the fuse is almost to the point, and he runs out and round the corner and plugs his ears and shuts his eyes.

Right then, Hubert leaves the party in the flat across, all tired and drunk, and realises he forgot his hat, so he knocks on Mr. Bean's door, no answer. So he goes in, and that's when the cracker goes off. Mr Bean goes to look, and sees the exploded tin dripping then white footsteps leaving. He tiptoes in slowly, and closes the door with the tip of his finger and looks around, then sees the old wallpaper in the shape of Hubert grabbing his hat.


  • Mr. Bean buys expensive items like new couch, paint cans, and other things from the shopping mall, instead of preparing food and party stuff for his New Year party to be more exciting. It may be sure that he is very cheap to treat his friends (including his girlfriend Irma in "Merry Christmas, Mr. Bean") and it may be the reason why anyone leaves him.
  • It would be a waste of food when he throws away the cabbage.
  • Since he and his Mini entered the delivery truck, feathers pop out. It should be pillows and mattresses that protect him from colliding violently at the metal wall. 
  • Nestle's Nescafe and Heinz ketchup jars are shown.
  • Mr. Bean would have used a ruler to measure the new wall for a windowed wall. However, he had marked a rectangle before he cut it out.
  • The cut-out rectangle still have the decors (corner of the cat painting, shred of photo of a woman, head of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles, telephone wire, and half of the bodybuilder) stick on it without dangling or falling. They are just glued on the wall.
  • The scene where he uses Teddy as a paintbrush is inspired in the animated series episode, "Royal Bean" where he use it to stamp patterns on the new wall.
  • The scene of paint explosion is related to the Spongebob Squarepants' episode, "Wet Painters" where Spongebob and Patrick creates a giant bubble of paint and explodes to paint Mr. Krab's room.
  • When Mr. Bean applies damaged paintbrush on the paint, it produces bubbles with bubbly sound, meaning the paint is fluid and watery, not thick and mucilaginous. It wouldn't be possible for syrup-like bubbles to be created and popped that fast.
  • Also, the explosion of paint to cover the entire room is experimented in the Mythbusters episode, "Mind Control", with "Painting With Explosives" experiment. The myth is considered busted because the only 40% of the walls, ceiling and floor receive paint from explosion, including shrapnel damage which even a plastic paint container can.
    • The fully-painted kitchen is shown from the cut-out rectangle window. It is too impossible for the paint explosion to reach there.
    • It would be too cartoonic in real life to get a shape of Hubert grabbing his hat on the old wallpaper.
  • The dynamite's ignited wick is closer to the blast, but becomes delayed when Hubert enters the room. 
  • The scene where Mr. Bean creates a control on couch and Mini is inspired on the animated series episode, "The Inventor" where he uses toy cars and remote controls to modify Mrs. Wicket's couch.
  • Because it would be unnecessary make the couch as driver's seat on top of the Mini and would cause road accidents when imitating in real life, there may be possibly a hidden stage driver controling the Mini for safety purposes.
  • Mr. Bean would have taken all of his furniture instead of wrapping them with newspaper and leave them inside. Because of that, not only Hubert's paint silhouette is created, but also other furnitures that block the paint splatterings.
  • He would have seen Hubert walking out of the room after the paint explosion (the footprints shown he is walking instead of running away).
  • The shot of Mr Bean decapitating Princess Diana's picture was cut from later airings following her death in a car crash in 1997.
  • The scene of Mr. Bean riding on Mini is used by Rowan Atkinson himself on September 4, 2015 outside Buckingham Palace to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Mr. Bean. [1]




Mr Bean Episode 10 Do It Yourself Mr

Mr Bean Episode 10 Do It Yourself Mr. Bean


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