David Langley is the deuteragonist in the 1997 film Bean.


As of Bean, David is the curator of the Grierson Art Gallery. He decided to let "Dr. Bean" (who is coming from London to the U.S. to represent the Royal National Gallery) stay at his house for two months, only to realise, upon "Dr. Bean's" arrival, that he is actually quite strange and foolish. This results in his wife, Allison, and two children, Jennifer and Kevin, leaving for his mother-in-law's house to escape from Bean.

Later at the museum of the Grierson Art Gallery, Bean and David get to see the prized Whistler's Mother painting. David leaves the room with everyone else to let Bean inspect it, and upon returning by himself, finds out that Bean managed to ruin a part of the expensive painting. They put it back, out of view, and leave. Upset, David goes to a bar with Bean, and the duo return to his home drunk. His family comes back, although they leave again, and later his parents stop by. They give a bad impression to them when David and Bean cram a turkey in their microwave, which ends up exploding.

The next morning the two head to the museum for the showing of Whistler's Mother. David is very nervous, but when the picture is unveiled, there is nothing wrong with it—it turns out that Bean had broken into the museum the night before and replaced the real, damaged picture with a poster. Just as he feels relieved, Lieutenant Brutus notifies him that he needs to speak with him. He initially believed the police had discovered something had happened to painting, but was instead notified that his daughter had been in a motorcycle accident. He and Bean rush to the hospital, where a series of events lead to Bean pulling Jennifer out of a coma-like state. This changes everyone's thoughts for the better for Bean, and later they go home, with Bean giving a gift to everyone.