Chocks Away is the fourteenth episode of season 3 in the animated series.


After Teddy got torn by the boy's airplane, Bean went after the boy, but after encountering their father decided against it. He decides to get revenge by buying a model airplane. When Bean saw the last airplane, he throws the girl's doll and managed to buy it except he got bumped by the guard and missing 1 part: the propeller. He goes back to the toy store only to be blocked by the guard but managed to fool him by claiming he wants to take a photo of the guard. He tricks the guard out of the store and gets the propeller. Bean then sends the plane, containing teddy, after the boy's airplane. After Bean managed to knock the boy's airplane into the water, the father broke Bean's reainsmote, meaning Bean can't control the airplane and loses his teddy. He replaces the joystick with a fork and manages to find Teddy at night, guiding the plane to a landing. However the candles he has used for the runway set the plane on fire. Later, Bean thought Teddy was gone, but it turns out it was ejected when the plane exploded. Teddy falls down on his parachute and into Bean's chimney. Mr. Bean does not seem to be aware of Teddy landing in the fire place but when the windows outside are shown, we see the lights in Bean's room go on and Bean shrieks "Teddy!" in delight..

Characters Appeared


This is the first time Bean cried due to something lost.

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