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Bullet Shooter is a enemy of Mr. Bean and only seen on Mr. Bean PC Game. Bullet Shooter is invulnerable to damage and make a loud noise when hit with pan (weapon). There are 2 types of Bullet Shooter, Long-Ranged One-Direction Bullet Shooter and Long-Ranged Any-Direction Bullet Shooter.

Long-Ranged One-Direction Bullet Shooter

Long-Ranged One-Direction Bullet Shooter is a Bullet Shooter that only shoots bullets in one direction. They are silver in colour and have many locations.They are traps to Mr. Bean and they shoot unlimited bullets.

Long-Ranged Any-Direction Bullet Shooter

Long-Ranged Any-Direction Bullet Shooter is a upgraded version of Long-Ranged One-Direction Bullet Shooter. They are green in colour and shoots bullets in any direction. You can't go near them as they shoot bullets at you.

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